hsAt Nolan Homes, we fully recognise our Health and Safety responsibilities we have for our staff, our customers, our sub-contractors and the general public. We seek to provide a safe environment for our staff to work in at all times thereby reducing the risk of injury and ill-health. At Nolan Homes, we know that optimum employee health and safety warrants constant and continuing efforts by us in partnership with our employees, our sub-contractors and their employees and of course our customers.

By ensuring the safety of all involved, we work to safely delivery all our construction projects.

Safety statement

Nolan Homes safety statement of policies and procedures is available at all site locations and its contents are communicated to site staff, subcontractors, external consultants and site visitors.
The safety statement is prepared in accordance with requirements under the safety Health and Welfare at work act 2005 and is based on risk assessment of hazards identified across the sites.

The safety policy is to satisfy all our legal responsibilities and exercise greater control of health and safety with in Nolan Homes, for the protection of everybody concerned

Building Regulations 2014

With the revision of the Building Regulations in March 2014, certification now forms a major part of all new building projects and this will include:-

  1. A project supervisor for the design process [PSDP]. The role of the PSDP is to ensure that the project that is designed meets all current building regulations
  2. A project supervisor for the construction stage [PSCS]. The role of the PSCS is to ensure that the drawings and specification compiled during the design stage are deemed acceptable for construction.

Why not let Nolan Homes take the stress out of certification for you.